Tinted Moisturiser Tan


With carefully and purposefully picked models we gave the product life and soul.

same same
but different

RINGANA launched a new tinted moisturiser product called „tan“. Therefore we had to show the difference between the tanned and original version. The „tan“ version is used for darker skinned people, while the original version fits better to lighter skins.

Our task was to find fitting models and the right setup to create the clients clean and minimalistic look.

We created a Campaign Editorial including a Launch Teaser Video.

client_ RINGANA
production_ dotONE Creative Studio
photo & edit_ Dominik Cee
assist_ Monika Frauenhofer

female model_ Julia Schwarz
female model_ Sanda Gutic
model agency_ the next model & Addicted to Models
make up_ Celine Schumer

location_ f6 Studio