I never was meant to sit there in a 9-to-5 job and do the same ol' job with the same ol' people in the same ol' office for years and years. All I wanna do was creating – not only for me, but for making people happy and confident about their dreams, their hopes and their passion.
I'm not into doing classical advertising – I’m not a blogger.
I just wanna tell stories.
For me, everything I do, is to find my place in this world full of deadlines and commitments – show people who can't get outta their everyday-routine how beautiful life could be, if they just would live the life they really want.


In times of Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Youtube the appearance of the visual content of a brand becomes more and more important. The first visual impression of a product or service determines the positive or negative outcome of a purchase decision by the customer.


Take the customer on a journey – lead him through the company’s story, through the product – he must feel involved, as if it were his own product, which he was allowed to shape.


The customer does not want to buy a product – but a feeling.

Anyone who wants to be successful in corporate publishing and want to achieve results at the end of the route, takes the matter seriously and builds up a modern content management system. 


The clear separation to advertising content is a key factor. The worst that a brand can do is to try and deceive the target audience by cheering on their advertising as content. If you are on clickbaiting or „dishonest content“, you may be able to reach a result in the short term, but this will have to pay for the medium term. The journalistic content is intended to offer the customer primarily inspiration and entertainment.

Inform and guide me, hype and entertain me.

I am Creative Director, Photographer and Filmmaker based in Berlin. I create creative concepts that catches people’s attention and feelings. My clients include Porsche , JOOP! , Lexus , Karl Lagerfeld , OLYMP and more.