Spec Ad Editorial

Travel back to the big city life of the millennium and get a loft with a bunch of cool people.

I’m wide awake, Empire State of shock through my body
You can stay on Bleecker Street, Midtown and on Broadway
A sea of pink in Central Park forms from trees of blossom
The Bowery is divine in its own way from top to bottom
The street fairs, Times Square’s a kaleidoscope of colour
The skyline’s my valentine, feel like a first-time lover
And so it seems it never sleeps, the subway is my haven
From 42, the Brooklyn loops and Grand Central station

World at your feet, the Lower East Side is where I’II go
We can meet on Rivington, Allen Street, Katz on Ludlow?
New Mexico just isn’t home, you can forgеt Nevada
I get my kicks at West 56th, wе’ll go sing Sinatra

production_ dotONE Creative Studio
photo & edit_ Dominik Cee
assist_ Matthias Schultner

female model_ Laura Sierra
male model_ Leon Shaini
model agency_ Wiener Models
styling_ Bogdan Dzhafarov
make up_ Theodora Ursulean

location_ f6 Studio